Thursday, June 26, 2003

This is the first official entry in my online journal for the life of BUTTLEMAN. You can read about how we got to this point in the Buttleman History.

So we officially have a premiere date - and we're a "Midnight Movie"! Yes, the slot reserved for zombie flicks and Crispin Glover movies... I guess they felt our film has a "cult appeal." I wonder if it's the Karen Black thing.
And for those who know the movie already: no, the irony is not lost on me. And no, I'm not thinking "Line dancing!"

I was at work when I got the call and snuck out to the men's room to call them back so I wouldn't be seen yappin' on my cell phone. That's right - I'm a high roller in this town.
I'm very excited to be premiering at Dances With Films. I'm really into their whole spirit, the "defiant fest" of true independents, etc. They held a big powwow for all the filmmakers yesterday - something I'm told is very rare - and it sort of felt like the first day of school. A room full of indie filmmakers just like us, most of them with world premieres so they were just as green as we are. The freshman class.
I have to get used to the whole idea of self promotion, going up to people and telling them about your film. That's what this part of the process is all about - selling yourself. Instead, Shereen and I pretty much lurked in the back of the class and fought over who gets to keep the free Film Industry Flip Book that they give out to each movie.
Meanwhile, I am frantically trying to get everything together to meet the deadline.. Hope you like the site. This is just the beginning- be sure to check back. We have lots more fun stuff to put up: a stills gallery, a music page, trailer, individual character home pages, etc.
Thanks for checking us out, and come to the premiere! - F

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