Friday, March 18, 2005

The moment has arrived. “Buttleman” is on the shelves and available for rent through the Had To Be Made Film Festival. And even better: it’s introduced by Lou Gossett Jr! 1983 Oscar winner, 2005 Oscar snoozer Lou Gossett Jr. (This last was discovered by a friend with Tivo; he’s in the background of an audience shot during the lifetime achievement award, completely out.)

To find a location near you where you can rent “Buttleman”, go to:


Click on the “Locations” tab and select your state. After you rent it and love it, click on the “Vote” tab and register your opinion!* At the end, they will tally up the results and announce a winner for the fest.

Go fast. Right now! GO!

*If you don’t love it, there is unfortunately no way to vote on the film.

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