Monday, February 02, 2004

Groundhog Day.

Depending on whether you believe Staten Island Chuck or Punxsutawney Phil, we may or may not have six more weeks of winter. I’m gonna go with Phil, because he’s the movie star. Not that six more weeks of winter means anything in Los Angeles anyway.

All was quiet here at the Official Website For The Exciting New Motion Picture “Buttleman” as we rang in 2004. Waiting to hear from the next festival. Waiting for my computer to be fixed. Making out my New Years resolutions. It did give me a chance to contemplate things (more on that later).

Anyway, I’m long overdue on an update, so, here’s the scoop:

We’re in the Sedona Film Festival in Sedona, AZ from March 4th-7th. If you’re wiling away your early March among the red rocks of Sedona at some new age healing retreat or rehab center, come on out and join us. Hey, kids! Perfect for Spring Break!

I’m trying to find a new host or server or whatever for this site, temporarily. I will be without host or server or whatever for about a month, and this fine site that has been maintained thanks to the overwhelming generosity of Andrew Kohl and Kyle Bowerman will be cut off from its fiercely loyal fan base, and in some major cities riots may ensue. If anybody can host or serve or whatever this website for free, let me know!

The trailer will be up very, very, soon. I think. Okay: it’s out of my hands. I’ve done my share. It’s all up to the aforementioned Andrew now. Blame him if it takes a long time: www.kohlville.net. (BTW – he just updated his home page and it’s very cool.)

So, that’s it. 2004 is shaping up.

I know what you’re thinking: What about the contemplating, damn it! Okay, son…

As I was saying, I spent the post-holiday lull thinking about how far we’ve come along. Almost exactly one year ago, I was sitting in my living room with Tom “Punchy” Hargis*, my cinematographer, and Nick Shaffer, whose wild nights in Long Beach are splattered throughout the pages of this gossip rag, and explaining the fact that I did not believe there was any way to move forward with “Buttleman”. Explaining that, unfortunately, I was afraid we would just have to shelve it for a while. We were completely out of money, and we didn’t even have a final cut yet. Imagine working on something for five years, devoting all your energy night and day, and then having to just give it up before anybody can even see it. I had done all this work and had nothing to show for it. It was very disheartening.

It was that night, thanks to the encouragement of Punchy and Nick, that I came up with a game plan for moving forward on an extremely low budget, and all that happened in 2003 – the website, the final cut, the adventures in sound mixing, the festivals, the reviews, the award – is the result. This sounds more like a Thanksgiving blog than New Years, but courtesy of the flu I spent my Thanksgiving holiday violently regifting the contents of my stomach, so I wasn’t really in a reflective mood.

But here we are: 2004, baby.

BTW, I just came up with a great soccer-themed movie pitch: “Bend It Like Beckham” Meets “Alive”.

C’mon! Can’t you picture Keira Knightley and that cute Indian girl gnawing the severed limbs of their teammates? It’s gold.

* Tom’s nickname isn’t really Punchy.**

** It’s Spunkmeyer.

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