Sunday, February 22, 2004

Just three days til the American Film Market.

For the record, it's unlikely that we'll actually sell any rights to the film at the market, but it's where you make the initial contacts and get buyers interested. There will be "B-girls" walking around with portable DVD players showing our trailer. Yes, it's pretty cheesy. But that's the whole environment. My friend (and editor) Jessica attended last year and she was overwhelmed by the meat market aspect of it. It's crawling with people trying to make a quick deal, con-men, desperate Hollywood types all peddling something. "I mean, these guys are gangsters," she remarked.

I'm looking forward to it.

I was trying to figure out the origin of "B-girls" the other day. Is it like B-movie girls? Or boob girls? I hate it, because it's one of those phrases I hear people use constantly but I've never been clued in to. One of those things you can't figure out how you missed.

One of the B-girls dropped off a bunch of dubs at my house yesterday. I offered her something to drink and she asked me my sign. I told her I'm a Taurus and she kept saying, "Oh, you're a total Taurus," after everything I said. From her appearance she could have qualified either as a B-movie actress or a boob girl, so my confusion remains unresolved.

I tried Googling "B-girls", and the definitions are all over the map: hiphop, B-movie, basketball, buffalo. Oh, well.

I got a call from the Sedona Fest with some more good news yesterday. They want to give John Hawkes an award for "Best Breakthrough Performance". They're really big fans of the movie, and they've been hustling trying to get us a ton of publicity. They want to put John on a local show called "Good Morning Arizona" which is more popular in the state than "The Today Show". Could be interesting. Too bad they don't want me on it. Maybe I'll get on "Good Morning Mesa". Or "Hello, Old Tuscon".

We're in another film festival: the Sonoma Valley Film Festival up north in wine country. My friend Paul (Hough, who directed "The Backyard") said it's one of the best festivals he went to. "Everywhere you turn they're giving you more wine." Sounds good to me.

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