Monday, July 12, 2004

Great news! "Buttleman" is finally coming to Chicago. Sweet home Chicago. That toddlin' town.

We're in the Chicago Indiefest, July 30th to Aug 8th. We will post all the info on the main page shortly - we're playing several different times during the fest. Of course I'm planning to be there, still looking into travel info. Unfortunately my family has moved out to hell and gone, somewhere out in the corn fields, or wheat fields, or whatever, so I'll be crashing on sofas.

Anyway, this is the closest "Buttleman" has yet played to the town it supposedly takes place in - Berwyn. The fictional Berwyn has a few too many mountains and the occasional errant palm tree, and its name was spelled wrong by one of our prop people ("Berwin"), but the vibe of the movie is authentically midwestern.

Harold is comin' home.

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